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Why is there a risk of serious injury with falls?

There are various reasons why people might suffer from catastrophic injuries. One is due to falling. This is particularly common in the winter months when there is ice, snow and the potential for slick conditions.

Catastrophic injuries are any injuries that impact your life significantly and change the way you live. For example, you could fall and injure your spine, leading to chronic pain or paralysis. If you hit your head, you could end up with a traumatic brain injury.

Why are falls so serious?

Even though people fall all the time, the reason that falls become dangerous is due to the fact that people try to catch themselves or may fall in a way where they don’t land well. For instance, if you slip and fall backward, it’s hard to stop yourself from landing on your back and potentially hitting your head. If you’re near stairs, you could hit your head or impact your spinal column.

If you fall forward, you have a better chance of catching yourself, but if there are hazards around you, you could still hit your head or end up with broken bones. No two falls are exactly alike, which is why it’s important for you to get medical care right away and to use those documented treatments to make a claim against the owner of the property where you fell.

Falling is not always going to lead to a serious accident, but if it does, those who left hazards around you should be held responsible. Fair compensation helps you get the care you need.

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