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Experience makes a difference in cases of serious personal injury or wrongful death. Attorney Mark Maritote has advocated for hundreds of victims of car accidents and other injuries, with a long record of verdicts and settlements.

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What kinds of neck injuries are catastrophic?

Not all neck injuries lead to paralysis, but that doesn't mean that they're not life-changing wounds. Injuries to the neck and cervical region of the body can quickly become dangerous to those who are hurt. Swelling may lead to secondary injuries, nerve damage and chronic pain.

How do personalities change after a traumatic brain injury?

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), even a person who essentially recovers may still seem very different to loved ones. While the recovery may be "good" in the sense that they do not have physical or mental disabilities, that does not mean the injury had no impact on their life.

What you should know about catastrophic brain injuries

The brain is truly a miracle of human evolution. More complex and intricate than any modern computer, the human brain can sustain considerable damage yet continue to function. Even more miraculous, brains have the ability to block injury-causing "particles" and they do not contain any pain receptors.

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