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Verdicts & Settlements

Maritote Law primarily represents the injured in workers compensation and personal injury claims. These cases include injuries and death caused or occurring at work, automobile and truck accidents, construction accidents, slip or trip and fall claims, maritime and railroad litigation, and medical malpractice.

Other areas of practice include general commercial and contract litigation, real estate litigation and transactions, estate planning and administration and will contests.


New:  October 2019, $1,700,000 malpractice verdict in favor of 34 year old pregnant nurse suffering from Crohn’s disease whose doctors misdiagnosed anal cancer as a hemorrhoid resulting in metastasis to lungs and greater chance of recurrence.

  • $1,200,000 settlement for back surgery for 47-year old truck driver injured by garage door collapse
  • $105,000 judgment against owner of dog that attacked victim’s dog and bit victim’s hand resulting in disfigurement and loss of feeling
  • $500,000 for low impact auto collision causing aggravation of pre-existing neck condition
  • $675,000 underinsured arbitration award to woman who fractured pelvis, femur and humerus in intersection crash
  • $198,750 surgical knee injury for railroad worker (Mason County, Illinois, verdict)
  • First plaintiff’s medical malpractice verdict in Morgan County, Illinois
  • $60,000 verdict against Wal-Mart for customer injured in store
  • $6.6 million wrongful death verdict for three deaths in railroad crossing accident
  • $2 million verdict for 67-year-old grandmother, a record high at time
  • $103,000 DuPage County judgment on behalf of 55-year-old woman bitten on the hand by a neighbor’s dog as she tried to separate her dog from the attacking animal


  • $450,000 settlement to woman who suffered rotator cuff injuries ultimately involving three surgeries after being knocked down by neighbor’s dogs
  • $110,000 full policy limits for 89-year-old World War II veteran who tore rotator cuff in auto accident. Insurance company denied claim because the veteran had previous rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders. Case settled within hours of defense expert’s cross examination
  • $100,000 policy limits to for soft tissue injuries suffered by 71-year-old woman as a result of automobile accident
  • Undisclosed settlement to three delivery service employees for injuries suffered by inhalation of toxic fumes
  • $250,000 policy limits to 5-year-old for various injuries, including loss of spleen and hip fracture after being struck by car while riding bicycle across street
  • $500,000 to family of 62-year-old victim of medical malpractice
  • $400,000 to family of man who drove car into apartment complex retention pond
  • $1.2 million for back surgery to 47-year-old truck driver injured by garage door collapse
  • $350,000 for shoulder surgery to 48-year-old pedestrian struck by paint truck
  • $175,000 for elbow surgery to glazier injured by falling glass
  • $300,000 to 5-year-old hit by car
  • $145,000 to truck driver for rotator cuff surgery injured in collision with another truck
  • $175,000 to court reporter for slip-and-fall knee injury in Aruba
  • $500,000 medical malpractice settlement for death of 50-year-old husband. All other details confidential
  • $95,000 legal malpractice settlement against attorney who settled underlying claim for $100,000 policy limits, but forgot to pursue underinsured motorist claim for severely injured client

Workers’ Compensation Awards

  • $984 a week for life for 51-year-old immigrant laborer who suffered back injury at work, underwent surgery, returned to work only to suffer a second injury and undergo a second surgery. Employer denied all claims until co-workers testified in support of claim
  • $500,000 in lieu of lifetime benefits to 38-year-old female Russian immigrant factory work who suffered disabling injuries when she slipped and fell at work
  • $100,000 nonoperated shoulder award for nurse case manager for workers’ compensation insurance carrier who injured her shoulder when she slipped and fell at her second job at as a nursing home shift manager. Case tried and settled after appeal
  • $320,000 lump-sum award in lieu of lifetime benefits to the injured airline employee whose wrist injuries led to arthritis preventing him from working
  • $366,511 lump-sum award to airline worker with failed back syndrome
  • $84,000 per year lifetime benefits to laborer injured lifting jackhammer
  • $125,000 for two broken wrists to administrator who fell in company parking lot
  • $205,000 to glazier who severed tendons in hand from falling glass
From decades of practice in the courtroom and negotiations, personal injury attorney Mark Maritote is highly qualified to secure the justice you deserve. If you were injured in the Schaumburg area or elsewhere in northern Illinois, please call our Hanover Park office at 630-830-9300 or toll free 866-402-0174 for a free consultation.
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