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Going for a walk? Leave your phone in your pocket.

With hints of spring on the way here in the Midwest, more and more people will start heading outside to take advantage of the longer daylight and warmer temperatures. However, with more people sharing the road - whether walking, jogging, biking or driving - more vigilance will be needed to prevent catastrophic accidents.

According to the most recent report on road safety from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed last year in motor vehicle crashes. This accounted for 16 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. One of the top causes? Digital distraction.

A mild brain injury from a car accident is a serious risk

When a person experiences a blow to the head in a car accident, it is not always easy to diagnose just how serious the injury is, especially if the victim does not immediately recognize the injury even occurred. Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) include a wide range of injuries to the brain, and may express themselves through many different symptoms.

Unfortunately, many of these injuries seem less "real" to victims or their communities, because the injury is internal and does not affect each person in the same way. This can lead the victim's family and colleagues to doubt the severity of the injury or suspect the victim is simply behaving immaturely.

Truckers, Interstate 94 and safety issues

People who travel on I-94 for any reason know that this corridor is a test of patience. In many cases, your patience is tested because other drivers aren't driving in a safe manner. Almost nobody follows the speed limit on this interstate and the multiple lanes are nerve wracking.

For some people, the biggest threat on this stretch of road is semitrucks. These large vehicles are often driving fast, switching lanes and trying to maneuver through the droves of vehicles. When truckers aren't driving in a safe manner, people can suffer injuries, and some victims might die.

4 questions to ask before signing a car accident settlement form

If you’ve been injured in a car accident by another driver, there are two avenues you can pursue to receive compensation for your injuries. You can file a lawsuit or you can settle out of court.

Opting to choose the latter option means you’ll be asked to sign a car accident settlement agreement form. This document legally resolves differences between the drivers, involves some level of compensation and releases the at-fault driver from future liability. A valid settlement agreement form will contain information about the accident, the claims made and the people involved in the accident.

What to Do if Injured in a Car Accident

Anyone who has spent any time driving a car understands that car accidents are simply a reality of the road. While car accidents can range in severity from the smallest of fender-benders to the largest of multi-car chain collisions on the interstate, even the tiniest of car accidents can cause serious medical injuries.

When someone is injured in a car accident, they may be wondering what steps they should take in the immediate aftermath. This is a normal cause for worry. Thankfully, the steps one should take are relatively straightforward. 

Proving Negligence in Car Accidents

If you've been in a car accident, you may be trying to determine who was at fault. This is usually called being careless, in more formal legal terms, negligent.

In many states, you have to have "no-fault" or personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. So before thinking about the other driver, you'll need to make sure you've made your own claims for medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement services.

If you want to claim a negligence action against the other driver, you may have up to six years to do that. However, filing a claim as quickly as possible can help to ensure that evidence is preserved and witness testimony remains reliable.

When a plastic surgery procedure doesn't go as planned

Individuals opt to get plastic surgery for a host of reasons. Many individuals are compelled to seek reconstructive surgery in the wake of injury or illness. Others simply choose to undergo plastic surgery to minimize the physical toll that time takes on certain elements of the body. Whatever reason you may have for seeking plastic surgery, you will undoubtedly hope and expect for that procedure to go well.

Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery progresses as planned. For example, when a procedure is affected by medical negligence, a patient may be left with scarring, nerve damage or other negative results. Depending on the circumstances surrounding these undesirable effects, patients may benefit from filing a personal injury suit in order to hold negligent medical providers accountable, recoup medical costs and obtain other compensation connected to the harm they have suffered.

A typical car accident in DuPage County

Just one of the 20,000 crashes each year


It's 5:15 p.m. on a mostly sunny Wednesday. Dave and his wife Lori head out in their Mitsubishi Outlander to meet friends in Bloomingdale to belatedly celebrate Lori's 27th birthday. As Dave brakes for a stop sign, the driver of a Dodge Caravan plows into them from behind.

Lori is bleeding and dazed, and Dave is having trouble breathing. At the hospital, Dave is diagnosed with chest contusions from where he struck the steering wheel. He will be sore for weeks and miss a few days of work but he will make a full recovery. Lori is treated for lacerations on her head and arms and is diagnosed with a concussion. Two days later, she is back to see the doctor for whiplash symptoms. Six months later, the headaches have subsided and her neck pain is gone, but Lori still fatigues easily and has trouble concentrating. She has missed a total of 8 weeks of work from her job and their bills are piling up.

  1. $1,200,000 Settlement for back surgery for 47-year-old truck driver injured by garage door collapse.

    Verdicts & Settlements
  2. $6,600,000 Wrongful death verdict for 3 deaths in railroad crossing accident.

    Verdicts & Settlements
  3. $2,000,000 Verdict for 67-year-old grandmother.

    Verdicts & Settlements
  4. $500,000.00 Settlement to family of 62-year-old victim of medical malpractice.

    Verdicts & Settlements

$1,200,000 Settlement for back surgery for 47-year-old truck driver injured by garage door collapse.

Verdicts & Settlements

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