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Accidents involving a large truck require special consideration

A semi driver was killed recently in southern Illinois while his rig was parked on the shoulder of eastbound Interstate 70. Another semi, traveling in the same direction, sideswiped his truck – pinching him between his flatbed trailer and the speeding semi.

The driver of the semi fled the scene but was found and arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident the next day. He is being held on $500,000 bail, and may face more charges once the investigation is complete.

Young Illinois mother dies in collision with semi-truck

A young mother with a promising future in nursing was killed in a recent accident on Interstate 55 in Lexington, Illinois. Now, her family must pick up the pieces and raise a 1-year-old girl who will never know her mother.

The woman, a resident of Chenoa, Illinois., suffered fatal injuries when her 2016 Dodge Charger crashed into the back of a semi-truck, and Illinois State Police ticketed the driver in the aftermath of the accident.

Could the cause of distracted driving also be the solution to it?

You don't have to drive for very long before you see at least one other driver distracted by a phone. They might be driving slower than other cars, weaving out of their lane or rolling through a stop light or sign they didn't see.

Unfortunately, despite the widely known risks of distracted driving -- and the laws prohibiting it -- drivers across Illinois continue to use their phone to text, email and browse the internet. It's a serious problem to which no one has an effective solution. However, a recent survey reveals that one possible solution could lie in the very technology causing the problem.

The dilemma of the autonomous vehicle

When you hear about testing on autonomous vehicles, you probably think of places where live, on-the-street experiments are underway. Illinois might not be on your radar, but it so happens that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on the list of centers conducting field tests. And if results of that research are a gauge, the possibility of realizing one of the greatest claims of self-driving vehicles - easing road congestion - might encourage adoption of the technology faster than originally thought.

We are not there yet, however. Indeed, as evidenced by the tragic death of a pedestrian in Arizona earlier this year attests, it will be awhile before anyone can declare we are in the age of the autonomous vehicle. How long it might actually take is hard to know.

What happens if you are hit by an uninsured driver?

Car insurance is essential to cover expensive medical bills and car repair costs after a motor vehicle accident. While all Illinois drivers are required to hold car insurance, the reality is that not all do.

All accidents are stressful, but your stress increases when you learn that the other driver has no insurance. Many questions will probably come to mind: Who will pay for my medical bills? Will I have to pay for the damages sustained by my car? What happens next?

What to do when the other driver flees the scene of an accident

When you are about to crash, it often seems like everything is moving too fast. After impact, things start to slow down. You realize your hands are trembling. Your hot coffee is now splattered all over the car’s interior. The front of your car looks like a mess. But you are alive. As you consider that incredible stroke of luck, you see the other driver pull away. You stare in disbelief and realize you have just been involved in a hit-and-run accident.

7 signs of nerve damage after an accident

The wake of an accident can be a frightening and confusing time. Between phone calls and paperwork from insurance companies and your daily routine of work, pets, kids and everything in between, it can be an overwhelming experience. If you begin to feel strange or experience pain after an accident, don't ignore your symptoms.

Nerve damage can occur after a traumatic accident. These injuries are serious; they often have long-lasting - or even permanent - effects that don't always surface immediately. Nerve damage can be excruciatingly painful, may lead to extremely high medical bills and can keep you out of work for a long period.

Going for a walk? Leave your phone in your pocket.

With hints of spring on the way here in the Midwest, more and more people will start heading outside to take advantage of the longer daylight and warmer temperatures. However, with more people sharing the road - whether walking, jogging, biking or driving - more vigilance will be needed to prevent catastrophic accidents.

According to the most recent report on road safety from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed last year in motor vehicle crashes. This accounted for 16 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. One of the top causes? Digital distraction.

A mild brain injury from a car accident is a serious risk

When a person experiences a blow to the head in a car accident, it is not always easy to diagnose just how serious the injury is, especially if the victim does not immediately recognize the injury even occurred. Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) include a wide range of injuries to the brain, and may express themselves through many different symptoms.

Unfortunately, many of these injuries seem less "real" to victims or their communities, because the injury is internal and does not affect each person in the same way. This can lead the victim's family and colleagues to doubt the severity of the injury or suspect the victim is simply behaving immaturely.

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