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Work Injury Attorney in Hanover Park, Illinois

When you have been hurt on the job, turn to representation that you can trust to provide vigilant protection of your interests, helping you recover the damages you need. Since 1981, Maritote Law has been fighting for workers who have suffered workplace injuries.

The outcome of these types of cases often lies in the specific details. You will receive a clear and straightforward understanding of the situation, as well as the most effective options going forward. For a free consultation, please contact the firm online today.

You Deserve Financial Compensation

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There May Be a Third Party Involved

Attorney Mark Maritote will thoroughly evaluate the situation and determine where the fault is assigned. Many times, the situation involves a third party or company, in which case additional legal action can be taken on top of a
workers’ compensation claim. This can include independent contractors at the workplace or outside service providers.

He will help you file the appropriate suit, making sure that you have the proper party as the defendant. He will ensure that this process is completed in a timely manner to fall within the statute of limitations, proactively guiding the case ahead of the curve.

All proper evidence, including cameras and surveillance, will be obtained and protected, establishing the fault of the third party. Experienced in courtroom situations and in taking cases to trial, Mark Maritote will provide a skilled and veteran protection of your interests, diligently seeing the case through.

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