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What To Do After An Auto Accident

Don’t Cause Additional Hurt to A Possible Claim

  • If you are injured, get medical treatment right away. Getting medical treatment or a medical evaluation can be critical to your health and your claim.

  • If you are not in pain at the scene of the accident, but develop pain later, seek medical attention immediately. Nothing is more important to your health or to your claim than having each injury properly documented so it can be diagnosed and treated.

  • Follow your doctor’s orders. If the emergency room doctor instructs you to follow up with your own doctor, do so. While pain sometimes goes away on its own, often it masks a more serious underlying injury. If your doctor refers you to another doctor see him right away, if medication is prescribed, buy it and use it, and if physical therapy is prescribed, go regularly. Every unfilled prescription or missed appointment strengthens the argument of those who claim you were not injured as bad as you say.

  • Do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Tell them instead to talk with their own insured since he was at fault and can best explain how he caused the accident. Insurance adjusters are professionals trained to obtain favorable information to aid their insured’s case and damage yours.

In a Car Accident?

Get Legal Help
  • Do report the accident to your auto insurance company. If you have insurance to pay for damage to your car use it to get your car repaired. They will repair your vehicle quickly and with less hassle than the defendant’s insurance company and your insurance company will work quickly to obtain reimbursement from the other company and return your deductible to you.

  • If your car is severely damaged, get photographs of the damage.

  • If you or a loved one is hospitalized as a result of injuries, take one or two photographs of the injuries in the hospital. If there are severe bruising or lacerations, take photos.

  • Get well.

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