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Occupational Exposure Attorney in Hanover Park, Illinois

Many workers in the United States are exposed to various harmful and toxic substances and hazards at work. Some industries carry a higher risk of occupational exposure than others. Some of the high-risk industries include construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and mining.  

Fortunately, illnesses resulting from occupational exposure may be compensable under workers’ compensation law. At Maritote Law, we are committed to representing Illinois workers in all kinds of workers’ comp cases, including occupational exposure.

We understand the potential long-term effects of being exposed to hazards and chemicals on the job. Our occupational exposure attorney in Hanover Park, Illinois, helps clients successfully navigate the workers’ comp system and obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. We also serve the surrounding areas, including Rosedale, Bloomingdale, Schaumburg, and Cook County.  

What Is Occupational Exposure?

Occupational exposure refers to an individual’s exposure to potentially harmful substances, hazards, and chemicals in the workplace. The term occupational exposure generally applies to three broad categories of hazards: 

  1. Biological hazards (bacteria, fungi, viruses, toxins, and other hazards detrimental to human health) 

  1. Chemical hazards (asbestos, pesticides, spray paint, corrosives, etc.) 

  1. Environmental hazards (dust, unwanted noise and vibration, extreme heat, etc.) 

The biggest problem with occupational exposure is that, oftentimes, illnesses resulting from such exposure may not become apparent until months or years have passed after the initial exposure. While it does not mean workers are not entitled to compensation for exposure-related illnesses, it makes it more difficult to prove that the illness was the result of work-related exposure.  

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Types of Illnesses Caused by Occupational Exposure

Exposure to biological, chemical, and environmental hazards in the workplace can lead to a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses. Some common types of illnesses caused by occupational exposure include: 

  • skin conditions, including skin rash 

  • cancers 

  • brain damage 

  • lung conditions 

  • viruses 

  • infections  

  • lead poisoning 

  • respiratory inflammation 

  • reproductive irregularities 

  • live and kidney damage 

  • hearing loss/damage 

  • vision loss/damage 

  • deteriorating physical health in general 

In most cases, illnesses caused by exposure to hazards in the workplace develop gradually over time. A worker should seek medical attention immediately and notify their employer as soon as possible after they start noticing symptoms of an occupational disease caused by exposure.  When Should You Contact an Occupational Exposure Attorney?

If you notice symptoms of an illness that could be caused by your on-the-job exposure to harmful substances, chemicals, or other hazards, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Your doctor will diagnose your condition, which will be the first step in your pursuit of compensation. The second step is contacting an occupational exposure attorney in Hanover Park, Illinois.  

As mentioned earlier, the most challenging part of obtaining compensation for occupational exposure is proving that the condition caused by exposure arose out of and in the course of employment. It is your attorney’s job to gather sufficient evidence to prove the link between on-the-job exposure and your illness. This may require your attorney to visit the worksite, interview your co-workers, hire experts, review the company’s workplace standards, and take other steps during the investigation.  

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Illinois

If you were exposed to biological, chemical, or environmental hazards at work and that exposure caused you to develop an illness, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If this happened to you, you should not have to bear the costs associated with treating your illness on your own. You may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to make your employer or their insurance company pay for your expenses and losses.  

However, in order to prove your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, Illinois requires you to establish the following: 

  • Jurisdiction. On the date of exposure, your employer was subject to the Illinois law that governs workers’ compensation.  

  • Employment. You were employed by your employer on the date of exposure.  

  • Exposure. Your occupational exposure arose out of and in the course of your employment.  

  • Damages. You suffered damages because of your exposure on the job.  

  • Notice. You notified your employer of the illness caused by occupational exposure within the time limits set by law.  

If you can establish all of the above-mentioned elements, you will most likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. However, the more time that passes after the initial date of exposure, the harder it becomes to prove that the illness arose out of and in the course of employment, not to mention the fact that, in many cases, occupational diseases caused by exposure develop gradually over time. For this reason, contacting an attorney who has experience with occupational exposure claims is critical to get appropriate compensation for your suffering and financial losses. 

Occupational Exposure Attorney Serving Hanover Park, Illinois

At Maritote Law, we understand that diseases and illnesses resulting from exposure to harmful conditions at work can put you through tremendous physical, emotional, and financial stress. Our occupational exposure attorney in Hanover Park, Illinois, can guide you through the process of filing a claim for compensation and help you navigate any obstacles you may face along the way. We will fight tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact our office to request a free consultation.