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Workers’ Compensation Attorney
in Hanover Park, Illinois

The law protects employers from being sued by an employee following an on-the-job accident, regardless of whose fault it was. However, it is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide compensation for injuries through workers’ compensation.

The process of recovering these damages can be difficult and frustrating. Not only is the process complex and detailed, allowing for loopholes, but insurance companies often find ways around paying the required amount on a technicality. It is important that you seek representation in handling workers’ compensation matters. For a free consultation, contact the firm online today.

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Experienced in Workman’s Comp Cases

Attorney Maritote Law will provide you with the level of experience and understanding needed to file a successful workers’ compensation claim.

These cases can follow a wide range of
on-the-job injury cases, including:

  • Construction negligence

  • Construction accidents

  • Accidents not caused by employers

  • Car accidents and truck accidents

  • Equipment injuries

  • Liability claims

  • Digging trenches

  • Train accidents and injuries

  • Industrial accidents

  • Toxic exposure

Mark Maritote is also equipped to handle more difficult claims such as surgical workers’ compensation claims. Many times, other firms shy away from these issues, given the complexity of the matter and the potential need to litigate.

He is also highly knowledgeable of the
personal injury matters at play that could make a difference in your workers’ comp case. This includes third-party claims where another company or party played a role in your injury.

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