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When you are injured in an accident in the Greater Chicago area, it is important to obtain representation from an attorney who can protect your interests and help you to recover the damages to which you are entitled. Since 1981, Maritote Law in Hanover Park, Illinois has been advocating for accident victims, working doggedly to ensure that they receive just compensation for their injuries, either through settlement or a jury verdict, in even the most complex cases.

Representing Victims of Many Types of Accidents

Accidents can occur without warning and in many different forms, so it is important to have a lawyer who is familiar with their varying legal requirements. Categories with very specific laws include:

  • Slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls — Liability in these cases may be difficult to prove because you must show that the property owner was aware of a safety risk and failed to remedy it. Moreover, the defendant may seek to reduce or eliminate your recovery by blaming you.

  • Dog bites and animal injuries — Pet owners are liable for injuries caused by their pets, whether due to the owners’ own negligence or the dangerous nature of the animals.

  • Medical malpractice — When medical practitioners make mistakes, proving it can be complex. You must show that the doctor or other healthcare provider deviated from a recognized standard of care and caused your injury, and the claim that you are a victim of medical negligence must be supported by a qualified medical professional.

  • Nursing home abuse and neglect — When a nursing home resident is injured by anyone on staff, the nursing home may be liable.

  • Injuries to children — A child who is injured is protected by special legal provisions, such as an extended statute of limitations for bringing suit.

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The deadlines for these types of cases are also very specific. You must usually bring your claim within two years of the accident, and you must file a claim against a government agency within one year, so it is important to not delay. You might have up to four years to file if you did not know or have reason to know of your injury, and a child may be able to file as much as eight years after an accident.

Fighting for Victims of Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic accident causes profound pain and suffering that may last months, years or a lifetime, adversely affecting the quality of your life. Spinal injuries, amputations and loss of use of body parts may leave you permanently impaired; traumatic brain injuries may leave you in a coma, make it difficult for you to function or change your personality; and burns, scars and disfigurements may have psychological effects. But nothing is as likely to be as devastating as a wrongful death case; in those cases, I have won record verdicts.

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