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5 Tips to Avoid Accidents with Delivery Trucks

R. Mark Maritote Dec. 17, 2018

Delivery trucks seem to be everywhere these days. Unfortunately, accidents with these vehicles happen all too often. Sometimes the accidents are caused by the truck driver, but many times drivers of cars could have prevented the accidents by understanding the limitations of trucks to react quickly to certain situations. Here are five safety tips to avoid accidents with delivery trucks:

  1. Know the blind spots: Bigger vehicles have bigger blind spots. You need to avoid driving just behind and just beside a truck. If you can’t see the driver in the side mirror, the driver cannot see you. If the driver cannot see you, you may end up in an accident when the truck changes lanes.

  2. Pass carefully. Drivers often miscalculate their speed when trying to pass a truck. If you must pass, do it quickly and safely. One common mistake drivers make is pulling in too quickly in front of a truck, not giving the truck enough room.

  3. Don‘t drive between two trucks. Passing between two trucks is also a bad idea. You may be in two blind spots at once. If either of them needs to maneuver quickly, you could be crushed between them.

  4. Give them space. Trucks need time to stop and room to make a wide turn. Don’t cut in front of them- that space is their stopping distance. If you are pulling into traffic in front of a truck, make sure you are fully up to speed. The truck takes much longer to slow down than your car would. Remember that trucks may take a wide right turn, and may cross multiple lanes.

  5. Take it slow. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and take your time, especially in bad weather. Rushing does you no good if you end up in an accident. In addition, we have months of winter still ahead of us. Driving slowly becomes even more important when combined with icy roads. Everyone needs more stopping distance and better visibility.

Although you can help prevent accidents by following these safety tips, that does not mean commercial drivers are never responsible for them. If you are in an accident with a delivery truck or other commercial vehicle, you may have a legal claim against the company that owns the truck.