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Choosing Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Maritote Law  Oct. 10, 2023

In Illinois, employees who were involved in a work-related accident or suffered an occupational disease may be entitled to recover benefits through a workers' compensation claim. However, filing a workers comp claim, gathering evidence, and negotiating fair compensation with the workers' compensation insurance provider often involve a lot of complexities. Therefore, hiring an experienced workers' compensation attorney might be beneficial to help protect your rights and for detailed advocacy. 

At Maritote Law, we provide compassionate representation and proper guidance to clients in their workers' compensation claims. Our trusted legal counsel can examine your case details and enlighten you about the qualities to look for when choosing a workers' compensation attorney. In addition, we will advocate for your best interests and help you recover the maximum available benefits for your workplace injuries. Our firm proudly serves clients across Hanover Park, Schaumburg, Rosedale, Bloomingdale, and Cook County, Illinois. 

Can I Represent Myself in a Workers' Compensation Claim?

As mentioned earlier, workers' compensation benefits are available to employees who have suffered a workplace injury or illness. However, receiving your benefits requires filing a claim and going through the other legal procedures involved. Depending on the surrounding circumstances of your case, you can file your claims yourself or hire a lawyer to help you navigate the process. 

Times You Don't Need a Lawyer 

Generally, you may not need an attorney if: 

  • You only sustained a minor injury. 

  • You want to accelerate the process, receive your compensation, and return to work. 

  • You're satisfied with the settlement offer from the workers' compensation insurance provider. 

Times You Do Need a Lawyer

Conversely, you may need to hire a workers' compensation attorney if: 

  • You suffered a severe injury and will be unable to work for a long time. 

  • You have a pre-existing medical condition. 

  • Your employer denies that you sustained the injury or illness while on the job. 

  • Your workers' comp benefits are being unnecessarily delayed or denied. 

  • Your benefits were not accurately calculated and do not cover your medical expenses, lost income, and disability benefits. 

  • You have a claim against a third party who was responsible for the workplace accident. 

  • You are facing workplace retaliation from your employer. 

  • You don't understand the process of filing a workers' comp claim. 

  • Your employer or insurer is accusing you of fraud. 

Regardless of the surrounding circumstances of your workplace injury, illness, or case, it is always advisable to hire a practiced workers' compensation lawyer. Your legal counsel can guide you through the claims process and fight vigorously for your rights. 

Why Having a Lawyer is Important  

Here are some reasons why it is important to hire a workers' compensation attorney for your claims: 

Report and File Your Claim Promptly 

An attorney can report your injuries to your employer and ensure that you file your claims on time. Your attorney will ensure that you do not miss the filing deadline, which can make the insurer deny your claim. 

Avoid Denied Claims 

An attorney can fight vigorously on your side and help ensure that your workers' comp claim is approved. Even if your claim is denied, an attorney can help dispute the denial or file an appeal on your behalf. 

Help Fight for Your Benefits 

A workers' comp attorney will fight vigorously to protect your rights and ensure that you receive the full benefits you're entitled to. 

Get the Best Medical Treatment

At times, you may not be comfortable with the physician recommended by the workers' comp insurer. An attorney can help ensure that you receive the best medical treatments from a qualified doctor or specialist. 

Help Accelerate the Process

The insurance provider may delay your claims unnecessarily or fail to conduct an investigation. With an attorney representing you, the provider will take your workers' compensation claim seriously. Thus, accelerating the claims process.  

Help Protect Your Rights

It is common for an insurance provider to use vague terms in your policy to take advantage of you. A seasoned attorney can fight diligently for your rights and ensure that you get the full benefits you're entitled to. 

Qualities to Look for in an Attorney

Here are some essential qualities to look for when hiring a workers' compensation attorney: 

  • Hire an attorney who is highly experienced and has specialized knowledge in the field of Illinois workers' compensation law. 

  • Hire a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge and skill in handling worker's compensation claims that are similar to yours. 

  • Hire a lawyer who is a sensible strategist and thorough investigator. 

  • Hire an attorney with strong communication, interpersonal, and people skills. 

  • Hire an attorney who has a proven track record of success and strong negotiation skills. 

  • Hire a lawyer who has a clear understanding of your personal situation. 

  • Hire a lawyer with extensive mediation and litigation experience. 

  • Hire an attorney with local representation and connections with the local legal community. 

Looking out for these qualities can help ensure that you retain the best legal representative to handle your workers' compensation case and help you recover your rightful benefits. 

Team Up With Us

Choosing a dependable workers' compensation attorney with the necessary qualities is imperative to protect your rights and ensure a favorable outcome in your claims. With over 30 years of extensive experience, our attorney has the diligence and skill to guide and represent clients in their workers' comp cases. Also, we can help file your claims, walk you through the legal procedures involved, and attempt to recover the maximum available compensation for your workplace injuries. 

Contact us at Maritote Law today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a practiced workers' compensation attorney. Our skilled lawyer has the knowledge and skilled representation you need in your workers' comp claims. My firm proudly serves clients across Hanover Park, Schaumburg, Rosedale, Bloomingdale, and Cook County, Illinois.