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Could the Cause of Distracted Driving Also Be the Solution to It?

R. Mark Maritote June 8, 2018

You don’t have to drive for very long before you see at least one other driver distracted by a phone. They might be driving slower than other cars, weaving out of their lane or rolling through a stop light or sign they didn’t see.

Unfortunately, despite the widely known risks of distracted driving — and the laws prohibiting it — drivers across Illinois continue to use their phone to text, email and browse the internet. It’s a serious problem to which no one has an effective solution. However, a recent survey reveals that one possible solution could lie in the very technology causing the problem.

Tech companies providing tech solutions

Numerous companies are exploring ways to tackle distracted driving. One CNN article highlights two options that focus on disabling phones and notifications when a person is driving. This prevents drivers from receiving the messages, alerts and pings that pull their attention away from driving. Once a driver stops, everything returns to normal functions.

There are also apps and settings that can provide similar solutions. Essentially, the developments aim to take away the temptation or incentive to check a phone while a person is driving.

Are they effective?

According to one survey, about 55 percent of people would leave in place any pre-set, in-car solutions that would block some incoming and outgoing cellular distractions. Nearly one-quarter of respondents said they would disable the technology.

In other words, there are drivers for whom this technology is effective, but not everyone is willing to adopt these solutions. For myriad reasons, there are still plenty of drivers who feel it necessary or safe to drive while distracted by their phones.

As such, distracted driving accidents will continue to happen for as long as people have their phones behind the wheel. While we cannot stop everyone from driving while distracted, we can hold responsible those who do and cause an accident. In these situations, victims and their families can talk to an attorney regarding the option to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver in order to pursue compensation.