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Facts About the Dangers of Teen Texting and Driving

R. Mark Maritote July 20, 2018

You probably agree that technology has enriched the lives of most Illinois residents. With computers that fit in the palm of your hand, you can find answers quickly, check up on loved ones and complete important tasks. However, like many things in life, there a negative side to having access to technology anywhere and anytime.

It has been shown repeatedly that those little electronic devices that everyone relies on to make life better are distracting and even addictive. Some adults have the ability to ignore the temptation of texting while driving, but most teens do not. This often leads to one inevitable consequence: motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, these accidents often lead to severe injury and serious financial consequences for victims. Below are some facts about teens and texting while driving.

  • Teen drivers that text behind the wheel spend about 10 percent of their driving time outside of their lanes.

  • Most teens say that adults tell them not to text while driving even though these adults do so frequently.

  • About 43 percent of teen drivers text behind the wheel even though they agree that it is dangerous.

  • Drivers are 23 times more likely to experience a motor vehicle accident caused by texting.

  • Most teens feel pressure to respond to texts right away.

Teens feel confident in their ability to multitask. This means that you might be sharing the road at any time with a dangerously distracted motorist who may be too inexperienced to know better.

Such negligence on the roads puts everyone at risk, but you can show young drivers that their dangerous behavior will have consequences. One way to accomplish this goal is by talking over your case with an experienced Illinois car accident attorney.