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Summertime a Danger Time for Illinois Children

R. Mark Maritote July 5, 2018

The classic George Gershwin song, “Summertime,” starts out this way:

“Summertime. And the livin’ is easy.”

If only the lyrics were true. It turns out in summer, the livin’ is dangerous. Injuries are more common in warm weather, and doctors around Illinois and the rest of the United States treat personal injuries more frequently than in other seasons.

Especially children with injuries.

With no school, warm weather and lots of hours of daylight, kids are more active in the summer. While outdoor activities make for great exercise and keep the youngsters away from the video games, the risks of injuries increase.

You keep your children in your field of vision when you’re together, but no matter how closely you watch them, injuries can happen. When you’ve entrusted your children to the care of someone else, such as on a play date, that person might not take the precautions you would take.

Here are some common ways Illinois children can get hurt in the summer.

  1. Bike or skateboard accidents. Make sure kids always wear their helmets.

  2. Falling from heights, such as a treehouse. Treehouses should not be higher than 10 feet off the ground.

  3. Backyard trampolines. Let your kids know they are dangerous and you won’t permit them to play on them.

  4. Swimming. Only allow children – even those who can swim – to use the pool if an adult is present and watching.

  5. Burns. Grills, and even seemingly harmless sparklers, present danger.

  6. Falls from windows. If your child’s bedroom is on an upper level, use window stops so the window won’t open the entire way. Screens can give when pushed, and little ones can fall out the window.

  7. Lawnmowers. Make sure kids are inside while the lawn is mowed.

  8. Dog bites. According to research, dogs are more likely to bite children in the summer.

  9. Amusement park attractions. According to the Ohio-based Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, an average of 20 children a day are hurt on amusement park rides. That’s between May and September.

Many of these injuries are preventable. If your child is hurt through someone else’s negligence, an attorney experienced in personal injury cases could help your family through a rough time.