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Truckers, Interstate 94 and Safety Issues

R. Mark Maritote Oct. 2, 2017

People who travel on I-94 for any reason know that this corridor is a test of patience. In many cases, your patience is tested because other drivers aren’t driving in a safe manner. Almost nobody follows the speed limit on this interstate and the multiple lanes are nerve wracking.For some people, the biggest threat on this stretch of road is semitrucks. These large vehicles are often driving fast, switching lanes and trying to maneuver through the droves of vehicles. When truckers aren’t driving in a safe manner, people can suffer injuries, and some victims might die.

Trucker fatigue

One of the dangers that people face on the interstate is fatigued truckers. When you think about the number of miles and number of hours these truckers have to drive, you can see why fatigue would be an issue. Since many truckers are driving into the Chicagoland area, they might be tired by the time they hit the city or even the outlying areas.

Just because a trucker has recently come on duty, which might occur if he or she is leaving the port with a load, it doesn’t mean that fatigue isn’t present. Fatigue doesn’t come only from being tired. It can come from medical conditions or even from driving on familiar roads. Sleep debt, which means that the trucker didn’t get adequate sleep for multiple nights in a row, might be present even if the trucker hasn’t driven too many hours.

Other risks

Some drivers might unknowingly put themselves at risk of being involved in a semitruck crash. Many drivers on I-94 try to cross several lanes of traffic at a time. This is dangerous, especially when semis are on the road because these truckers might not be able to see the car. Even if the trucker can see the vehicle, the driver of that vehicle might not be able to see around the truck. This can cause a problem that leads to a crash.

All drivers should remember that truckers can’t stop their rigs on a dime. These trucks are heavy, especially when they are loaded. It takes time to stop, so darting in front of a big rig is a recipe for disaster.

People who are involved in a crash with a semitruck might opt to seek compensation. This is a decision that must be taken seriously. However, you can’t mull it over for an unlimited amount of time. Illinois only allows two years for personal injury claims to be filed.