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Underage Driver May Face Charges After Head on Collision

R. Mark Maritote Sept. 14, 2018

Anyone in the Prairie State can say that, with a few exceptions in Chicago and Springfield, a car or truck is the best way to get around. Although the roads in Illinois are safe to a degree, every safe driver keeps an eye open for hazards like irresponsible people behind the wheel.

The most common negligent drivers are trying to text behind the wheel or perhaps driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Occasionally, criminals may cause a motor vehicle collision in the commission of another crime, and others may be injured or even killed.

A 16-year-old boy apparently stole a car and used it in a head-on crash in Jackson County, causing several injuries. A car taken from the Pinckneyville area was heading southbound when it crossed the median on Route 51 and struck a car carrying three people.

Emergency responders came from Elkville and Dowell to aid three injured people, including the drivers of both vehicles. The two passengers in the northbound car were treated on the scene for minor injuries. The road was closed in the northbound direction for hours.

The driver of the southbound car may face charges related to reckless driving, driving without a license, causing injury and other issues related to the collision. He and his family may also face civil charges related to the injuries and damage.

The victims of motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers may have a strong civil case against the driver who caused the crash. An attorney can help advise victims and their families on the best way forward.