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What to Do if Injured in A Car Accident

R. Mark Maritote April 12, 2017

Anyone who has spent any time driving a car understands that car accidents are simply a reality of the road. While car accidents can range in severity from the smallest of fender-benders to the largest of multi-car chain collisions on the interstate, even the tiniest of car accidents can cause serious medical injuries.

When someone is injured in a car accident, they may be wondering what steps they should take in the immediate aftermath. This is a normal cause for worry. Thankfully, the steps one should take are relatively straightforward.

Remain Calm

The first step in any car accident regardless of the circumstances is always to remain calm. Nobody gets into a car that day expecting to be involved in a car accident. Their minds are usually focused on their to-do list that day and a car accident can throw their entire day off, especially if someone gets hurt.

If people don’t remain calm, they have problems thinking clearly and could potentially make a bad situation worse. Take a few deep breaths and try to remain calm. Then, think about what to do next.

Call 911

If someone is injured, quickly dial 911. Report the accident to the operator on the other end, who will likely ask if anyone is injured. Be sure to answer this question because this will trigger an ambulance to be sent from the nearest hospital who can provide professional medical assistance and stabilize someone if they are critically injured. This ambulance can also transport the injured people to a hospital for much-needed medical assistance.

Furthermore, the police will also arrive to look at the evidence and file a police report. This will ensure that all of the details of the accident are recorded accurately.

Seek Appropriate Medical Care

Even after someone has been discharged initially from the hospital, nagging medical injuries can mount. In fact, some injuries may not show up until days after a car accident. Some people may dismiss these as minor injuries that are common with car accidents; however, some of these injuries can quickly become worse if they aren’t cared for appropriately.

If there is any chance that an injury might be present, seek professional medical assistance. Do not wait for the injuries to get worse.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of how severe an injury is, the medical bills can quickly pile up and place a family under a significant amount of financial stress. These bills only get larger if there is a stay in the ICU or a surgical procedure performed. Many people think that health insurance will simply cover many of these expenses; however, this might not be the case. While some injuries might be unavoidable, some injuries may be the result of negligent circumstances.

An experienced attorney may be able to provide an avenue for financial recourse. Anyone injured in a car accident should contact an experienced attorney for guidance on what to do next from a legal standpoint.