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Why Is Immediate Medical Care After an Injury Important

R. Mark Maritote Jan. 3, 2019

A personal injury can make it so that you can’t return to work, go to school or enjoy your life. It might be something as common as a broken bone or could be an injury that impacts your ability to sleep or walk. Whatever the injury is, it’s important that you’re receiving the right care.

When you have an accident, you need to go to the hospital immediately after. While many believe that the “wait and see” method is good for injuries, injuries caused by other parties are different. You need to start documenting the injury and how it affects you right away, which you can do by going to the hospital for the initial injury.

Why is it important to seek medical care early?

One of the most important reasons is because there is a time frame during which injuries are able to be treated more effectively. If you miss this window of opportunity, then it might mean you can’t fully recover or that recovery will take much longer. For instance, if you snap a tendon in a car crash, medical providers normally have a short window, only a few days or weeks, during which it’s possible to reattach it with the probability of success. Waiting longer makes surgery more difficult, which could lead to chronic pain or a surgery that is not successful.

Another reason is to start a paper trail. Knowing the severity of your injury as well as how it will affect you can help you make a claim against the other party’s insurance for a fair amount of compensation.