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Will You Know if You Suffered a Brain Injury Maybe Not

R. Mark Maritote Aug. 16, 2018

Illinois is home to many busy highways and thoroughfares. At any time of the day or night, motorists might be sharing road space with an unsafe driver. If an accident occurs, victims could suffer a variety of minor or catastrophic injuries.

The human brain is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body in such accidents. The brain is also one of the most resilient and amazing parts of the human body. In many cases, it will attempt to continue functioning even when a brain injury occurs. As a result, many accident victims may not know that their brain has suffered an injury.

This is one of the most important reasons to seek a medical opinion after an accident occurs. Even though you may not think you are in trouble medically, your brain may be suffering. The symptoms of a minor brain injury are often elusive, making it hard for victims to recognize. Further, many of the symptoms of brain injury — both minor and catastrophic — may not become apparent for days or even weeks after the incident.

As personal injury attorneys dedicated to serving residents in and around Hanover Park, we always encourage accident victims to seek information about brain injuries. Doing so can help protect your health and strengthen your case if you decide to seek a legal remedy for your accident.

When you factor in the costs associated with brain injury treatment, having a detailed medical file is crucial in receiving adequate financial compensation for your injuries. Please review our website to learn more about your legal options after suffering a brain injury.