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Woman Faces Charges After Accident Takes 2 Lives

R. Mark Maritote Aug. 31, 2018

A woman in Illinois is now facing some serious charges for her part in a car accident that took two lives in late August. It has been alleged that she was under the influence at the time of the wreck.

The woman is 39 years old. She recently had to go in front of the Lake County Circuit Court, where her bail was established at a staggering $1 million.

According to reports, the woman was driving west when she allegedly blew through a red light. This happened right around 8:30 p.m., and it caused a four-vehicle wreck.

After the incident, police say that the woman claimed the light had been yellow and she had been trying to beat it when she ran the red. She also apparently admitted that she had been out at the bar.

The two people who passed away were married to one another: a woman who was 41 years old and a man who was 42 years old. They suffered traumatic injuries in the crash. The impact was hard enough to push their vehicle around 70 feet. They died even though they had their seat belts on at the time.

The couple was originally rushed to the Vista Medical Center, which is located over in Waukegan, but there was nothing that doctors could do for them at that point.

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